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Breakthrough: Discovery of life-saving drugs for Corona patients

London: British health experts claim that the most significant progress so far has been made in the treatment of corona.

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According to a British media report, health experts said that the essential drug for the treatment of corona had been discovered so far, which will be able to save the lives of anxious patients.

According to health experts, the drug was also tested on patients on a ventilator, 11 out of 12 patients recovered, and the lives of a total of one-third of patients were saved.

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According to media reports, “Dexamethasone is not a special drug, but it is common, and experts are considering it effective for the treatment of coronary heart disease.” According to experts, this medicine has been used for a long time for joint pain, allergies, and asthma.

Experts at Oxford University selected 2,100 patients for the drug trial, 30 percent of whom were on a ventilator.

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The study found that “dexamethasone use reduced patient mortality by 30%, while artificial respiration reduced the mortality rate by half.”

Oxford experts say that if we had known about the efficacy of this drug before, the lives of more than 5,000 British citizens could have been saved.

Experts began research in March and obtained medical records of more than 11,000 patients admitted to 175 hospitals.

“This is a significant development for us. We were looking for a treatment or medicine that could save patients’ lives or minimize their risk of death during treatment,” said Martin Lindsey, head of the research team. No medicine was found, but now we are happy that such medication has been found.

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“Surprisingly, low doses of the drug are also benefiting patients, and the best part is that Dexa-Methasone is reasonably priced and readily available everywhere,” he said.

“We are now allowing all hospitals to start using the drug on patients from the evening,” said Martin Landry.

On the other hand, the British Department of Health NHS has already issued instructions to hospitals to use this drug.


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