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Clashes between Chinese and Indian troops, 20 Indian soldiers killed and May Missing

The Indian military has admitted that 20 of its soldiers were killed in clashes with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh.

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China says Indian troops crossed the border and carried out provocative operations.

Rajesh Kalia, a spokesman for the Indian Army, confirmed on Tuesday night that 17 more Indian soldiers had been killed in clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in the Gulwan area of ​​Ladakh, including a colonel. 20 Indian soldiers have been killed. According to the latest reports, the condition of four more injured soldiers is said to be critical.

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According to the statement, in the clashes between the Indian and Chinese armies on the night of June 15 and 16, “17 severely wounded Indian soldiers were killed, and thus the number of soldiers killed in this incident has risen to 20.” The Indian Army is committed to safeguarding the country’s security and sovereignty.” The statement added that the two countries’ forces have now withdrawn from the scene of the clashes in the Gulwan Valley of Ladakh.

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The Indian Ministry of Defense has also confirmed the incident and said that now both the troops have left the place. India says military officials on both sides are resuming talks after the incident to ease tensions. Such tensions on the Sino-Indian border and the deaths of soldiers come almost four decades later.

Clashes between Chinese and Indian troops

The Indian military claims that Chinese troops were also killed in the clashes, but no official statement has been issued by China so far. There was talk of killing Chinese soldiers. However, the Indian media has published exaggerated reports in this regard, and it is said that 43 Chinese soldiers have been killed.

Some media outlets in India have also reported that dozens of Indian soldiers are still missing, but this has not yet been confirmed at the official level or by any independent source.

China has accused India of provocation over the border clashes, saying Indian forces had twice crossed the border and attacked Chinese troops. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Xiao Lijian said: “Indian troops crossed the border twice on Monday. Attacks and provocations on Chinese officials resulted in a fierce clash.

Clashes between Chinese and Indian troops3

It was not immediately clear what the clashes were, but it is alleged that the two sides fought for several hours on Monday night. Indian media say soldiers on both sides hurled stones at each other and used batons, but no shootings took place. But it is not believable that such a large number of soldiers on both sides would be killed by mere stone-throwing and hand-to-hand fighting.

Meanwhile, the Indian Foreign Ministry said that the clashes took place as a result of China’s unilateral attempt to change the situation there. Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said, “Due to the unilateral change in the situation by China, there was violence late at night on June 15.” There have been many losses on both sides, and the agreement reached at the highest level between the two sides could have been avoided if it had been strictly adhered to by China.

Clashes between Chinese and Indian troops

Tensions between China and India on the border in eastern Ladakh have been simmering for more than a month. The first skirmish took place in early May, in which some soldiers were injured. Since then, India has been in talks with China on the issue, and it has been said that the talks have significantly reduced tensions. And the troops are returning to their positions.

The Indian Foreign Ministry said it hoped the talks would yield good results, but China did not abide by the points agreed upon. But China says the Indian military is involved in provocations on the border and has crossed the Line of Actual Control several times.

In view of these incidents, meetings between top political and military officials continued till late night on Tuesday, June 16, in Delhi. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh first met the army chiefs and then went to his residence late at night to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where several top cabinet ministers were also present.


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