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Retarded BJP leaders: Conspiracy to link the death of elephant with Muslims

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On June 4, an incident took place in Palakkad district of the Indian state of Kerala in which a female elephant died after eating pineapple filled with explosives.

Now the ruling Indian political party is trying to link the incident to an area where Muslims could be blamed and targeted in order to hold Muslims responsible for the incident.

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When the news broke, the elephant came from Silent National Park, which is located in Palakkad district. According to journalist Rajdeep Damsardesai, the elephant did not die from eating pineapple but was trapped by a wild boar.

Now the BJP is linking the incident to the Malappuram area. It should be noted that the Malappuram area is an area in Kerala where the majority of Muslims live. The real motive of the BJP has also been exposed by blaming a Muslim for the death of this elephant and targeting it.

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For this purpose, the Indian media is also reporting this incident from Malappuram, which shows the conspiracy of the BJP. The Indian government targets Muslims by fabricating similar lies, and its extremist group RSS also persecutes Muslims under similar conspiracies. This is the reality of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Indian government.


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